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Wife Who Cuckolds Her Husband

Q: So how did you come to see cuckolding your husband as a form of punishment?
A: My husband had had an affair with the young Armenian secretary they had just hired down at his firm. I discovered he had been sleeping with her for sometime and showering her with gifts and money. The bastard! I'd been married to him for ten years and had never even thought of cheating. Well, there was no way I was going to divorce him, but my best friend from college (a professional Mistress) told me there WAS a way to make his life a living Hell!

Q: Ah, I see.
A: She advised me to take a lover and instead of hiding it from him, actually FORCE him to witness my cheating and even become part of the "fun". She said that the firm my husband worked for would fire him if they found out his was sexually harassing the new secretary (even though they had been lovers, they were terrified of a lawsuit and resulting scandal in the papers), so my husband would go along with whatever I wanted to punish him with as long as he could keep his job and career.

Q: And did you?
A: Yes! She introduced me to a lovely black man who was one of her clients and we hit it off right away! He was charming and my God, what a stud in bed! He had a HUGE penis and KNEW how to use it! I had never felt such physical sensations in bed before! And the delightful thing was he was so proud to have a white girlfriend to pleasure repeatedly.

Q: Sounds like fun. And how did your husband become involved?
A: Well, after I had confronted him about his cheating, I informed him he was NOT getting a divorce and I would keep the affair secret, but he WAS getting a new role to play in our marriage from now on! He was going to sit quietly in the corner when my lover was over and watch me having sex right before him. I told him he was strip naked and put on a pair of my panties, then sit quietly and observe how a REAL man performs in bed!

Q: So you indeed made him a "cuckold"?
A: In every sense of the word. But I also went farther. I would stroke my lover's huge black cock to erection and then make my husband take out his limp white penis and compare it in size. He would stand there blubbering like a baby, with his panties down and cock out, as I measured and chided him about how small he was in comparison!

Q: Ouch. Not many male egos can take THAT kind of sexual humiliation from their own wives!
A: LOL! He took that and MORE! I got so brazen with cuckolding him that I even FORCED him to perform oral sex on my lover! He would be on his knees with tears streaming down his face as that huge black cock pumped in and out of his mouth! I would stand there and give him instructions on the "proper" way to suck a man's cock to orgasm. From there it was a short jump to making him lick the dripping semen from my anus after we had anal sex on occasion! I bet he regretted even KNOWING that little slut at the office!

Q: You speak of this in the past tense. Do you STILL cuckold your husband?
A: Yes, but I broke up with my lover. He was getting bored with fucking in front of my husband, and to be honest, the thrill was gone for me too. Now I content myself with making my husband go out to swingers bars while cross dressed and pickup large hairy men for us to have threesomes with at home. I've even started making a library of videos showing him being forced to masturbate while I get fucked by the men before him. I'm going to post them online eventually when I tire of my husband and divorce him. THAT should make for a juicy settlement!

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